organise your home at the meteor centre

2018 is officially here, happy New Year everybody! We’ve decided to make some serious new year’s resolutions (that we are definitely going to stick to this time!). This year we’re dedicating 2018 to the year that we will get truly organised – in every sense! Read on to find out how you can get organised too…

The first step to getting organised begins in the house. Finding a new place for all of the kid toys from Christmas is a first priority. Clear up some space with storage solutions at Office Outlet – large translucent storage containers can come in especially handy for the kids, so they know which toy is stored where. Office Outlet can also help you organise your study or home office; start organising all of those bills and papers with a storage cabinet. If you’re on a tighter budget, you could pick up some folders and make your own filing system. Grab some dividers and sticky notes for extra organisational points!

If the kids room is in dire need of arranging, head to The Range. With a variety of storage chests and bookcases perfect for the kids room, everything can be stashed away neatly (well, for five minutes at least!). Another way you can clear up some space is with shelving. B&M have a variety of shelving options available, meaning that you can stay tidy while still looking chic!

Treat your pets to something new, while keeping the home looking neat and tidy, with brand new bedding and pet crates from Pets at Home. Bulk buying dry food for your pets will also save you money in the long run.

Finally, the best way you can keep yourself organised is with food prep. This can be done by choosing your meals a week ahead in time, then make a list of everything you need. Simply take your shopping list to Aldi and pick up everything you’ll need in-store. Aldi also have a great recipe page for when you need a little inspiration.

If you need any kitchen appliances to make your food prep easier, Aldi also have a great kitchenware section. With everything from George foreman grills to food blenders, you can be on top of your food game this year! Bring on 2018!