With only five Mondays to go until Christmas, we’re already starting to think about the dreaded Christmas cooking! Whether you’re the designated Christmas chef or just help with the washing up, make sure you’re well prepared with your kitchen/dining room looking in top condition! A visit to The Meteor Centre will ensure that you are prepared for the upcoming festivities in every way possible!

Get your dining room looking in tip-top shape with the The Range. For everything from table décor to dining sets, impress your guests with your amazing decorating table skills! For those who like to go all out, B&M have a fantastic range of purse-friendly Christmas decorations and décor – add some extra festive cheer to your dining table and create a true Christmas feast to remember!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some fantastic food. Aldi have a whole host of Christmas-themed recipes with everything you’ll need in-store – perfect to get you started! With instructions on how to make everything from party food to cocktails, even the novice chef can make a fantastic Christmas feast perfect for the whole family. To avoid a cooking disaster, a practice go may be in order (especially the luxury Christmas puddings – yum!).  Aldi have also compiled some hints and tips which should help inspire you and keep you organised.

To stay ultra-organised, make batches of food that you can freeze, ahead of the big day.  Grab a range of Tupperware from B&M to store it in the freezer – just don’t forget to defrost it on Christmas Eve! You can also grab some party essentials from B&M – paper plates and plastic cutlery for the party buffet and foil tin trays to cook food in will all reduce the amount of washing up afterwards.